Beginners' courses

Before joining an archery club, it is usual to be asked to take part in a beginners'/intro to archery course, in order to ensure that you are able to shoot safely.

The course usually consists of 4-6 relaxed and friendly sessions, covering a basic understanding of technique and disciplines for shooting in a safe and relatively accurate manner. 

Courses are run and supervised by fully qualified, licensed, DBS checked archery coaches, and are usually organised indoors.

Archery GB's insurance covers beginners for the first six lessons that they receive at a club, but if they wish to continue shooting after that, they must become members of Archery GB and/or a club.


How much will it cost?

We currently charge £60 per participant to complete a beginners' course.

Gift vouchers also available on request.


How old do juniors need to be?

We currently only accept participants aged 8 and above.


We don't currently have any beginners' courses planned: please contact us if you're interested so we can add you to our waiting list.


Please see the calendar for more information on any upcoming events, or contact us if we can help.


What if I'm not quite sure?

We also offer have-a-go sessions for anyone who just wants an archery taster, without committing to a beginners' course. There's nothing stopping you from booking a place on a beginners' course after you've had a go! Please contact us if this is something you'd be interested in.



What will I need to take part in a beginners' course?

Just you- everything else is provided! All equipment for the beginners' course will be provided. For up to 3 months after joining, the club may make equipment available for a small charge.

We recommend that you don't spend vast amounts of money when first joining clubs nor purchase equipment from online auctions, unless you know what you are doing. Pennine Archers can recommend what equipment to buy and who to buy from, and give any generic advice, which will save you a lot of money.