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Pennine Archers

Membership of Pennine Archers is conditional on successfully completing either a recognised Archery GB Beginners or Intro Archery Course. If completed away from NFP Archery , prospective members may be required to pass a club assessment.

The membership year starts 1 September.

Membership is also conditional on affiliating to Archery GB the National Governing Body of Archery in the UK for insurance purposes.This can be completed through Pennine Archers.

Affiliations to region and county can also be completed through Pennine Archers.

All applications for membership with Pennine Archers are subject to acceptance by the governing committee.

Start from £ 60.00 for Juniors (from age 8) and adults.

Gift vouchers available

Beginners / Intro Archery

Annual Membership for the club only is £ 59.00, payable from 1 September.

Other affiliation fees are additional.

Senior Membership Fees

Junior Membership from £47.50 + Affiliation fees pa.;(£40.00 already affiliated)

SU Student membership from £50.00 pa.

Junior / Student Membership

Archery GB 25 and over £46.00 / year

Archery GB 24 and under or disabled

£ 12.00 /year

NCAS £ 2.00 / year

YAA £ 3.00 / Seniors / year

All  payable by 1 October.

National / Regional / County

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