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Sunday 9th February 9:30am - 12:30pm

 For further information or to book email;  secretary@penninearchers.com

 Cost £60.00 per person (minimum age 8 years).

Certification is awarded on completion of the course which is recognised by all Archery GB affiliated clubs throughout the UK.

Entry program for shooting safely.

Before joining an archery club, it is usual to be asked to take part in a Beginners  / Intro Archery course. This is to ensure that when you shoot you do so safely, in every respect.

The Beginners / Intro Archery course usually consists of four to six introductory lessons, covering a basic understanding of technique and disciplines for shooting in safety and with relative accuracy.

Courses will be organised and supervised by  fully qualified, licensed, DBS checked Archery coaches and are usually organised indoors


Archery GB’s insurance covers beginners for the first six lessons that they receive at a club

but if they wish to continue shooting after that, they must become members of Archery GB

and/or a club.

First time in the range

Nationally recognised course

Qualified deliverers

Just you - everything else is provided

What equipment will I need?  

All equipment for the beginner’s

course will be provided and the club may make available (for a small charge)equipment for up to 3

months after joining.


Do not spend vast amounts of money when first joining clubs nor purchase equipment from

online auction sites unless you know what you are doing.

Pennine Archers can recommend what

equipment to buy and who to buy from and provide generic advice, which will save you a lot of


Gift Vouchers are available

Juniors (8 to 18) £ 60.00

Adults (18 +) £ 60.00


Qualified Coaches

All kit & equipment


NGB recognised

Relaxed and Friendly sessions

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